The Best Instagram Client for Mac

  • Optimized

    InstaFeed is the fastest way to browse Instagram. Infinite scrolling and seamless OSX integration is just the beginning.

  • Be Seen

    With hand-picked Hashtag suggestions and seamless Facebook and Twitter integration, your photos will gain more visibility.

  • Increase Followers

    Increase your likes and followers. InstaFeed allows you to easily manage your followers and see who is following you back.

  • Smart design

    We've paid careful attention to all the finer details to bring you the ultimate Instagram experience.

From my experience, this is probably the quicker of the instagram apps out there. looks great too! - Kenpachi311
Wonderful app with a very well laid out UI and straight forward to use. You can search for new pictures based on your interests, while you are browsing your favorite categories! - les lapin
Got Instafeed in the weekend and I already love this app! A truly essential app for any Instagram user! Most probably this is the app I will be using most for the rest of the year! - Bell Griffett
If you are into beautiful photos, then you must get this app. My wife, who's a photographer by profession says she's been looking for somethingl ike this for quite some time. - LewOates
Amazing app, lots of fun, runs really smoothly and really easy to use! - JordYoo
makes life easy…so much better than the instagram site. good functionality with browsing and saved hashtags…makes checking out your feed quick and simple. - NolanBrowning